Inland Northwest White Cane Walk and Redefining Vision Wine Tasting

On October 18th, Inland Northwest Lighthouse celebrated the independence of individuals who are blind or visually impaired with two events.  We began the day with a White Cane Walk in honor of October’s National White Cane Safety Day.  That was followed by an intimate evening in support of INL at the historic Flour Mill, at the Redefining Vision Wine Tasting.

The White Cane Walk took place in Spokane’s Riverfront Park, where we heard from Spokane Mayor David Condon, State Representative Andy Billig, INL Employee Kurt Lance, and Lighthouse President and CEO Kirk Adams.  Following our speakers, Lighthouse Orientation and Mobility staff members demonstrated methods of being a sighted guide to people who are blind.  Next came the White Cane Walk, in which white cane users and sighted guests who donned vision simulation goggles and blindfolds walked a predetermined course through Riverfront Park. The course of the walk offered various types of terrain, in order to give examples of navigating a path for individuals who are partially sighted or blind.

That evening, it was time for our Redefining Vision Wine Tasting, an event that raised nearly $1,800 for employment opportunities and programs for individuals who are blind or visually impaired at INL. The Flour Mill, located on the banks of the Spokane River, features a hidden secret in its lower level – the Chateau Rive.  The historic space took guests back in time, creating an interesting backdrop to the wine taste challenge and presentations by INL employee Greg Wing, INL Council Chair Lorna Walsh, and INL’s Development and Public Relations Director Shawn Dobbs.  After our speakers for the evening shared their stories, we were delightfully entertained by live singing and guitar playing by INL employee Greg Szabo.

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