Our Speaker

Photo of Alex KnollWe are delighted to welcome our guest speaker Alex Knoll to our Decade of Opportunities Breakfast. Alex is the12 year old creator and mind behind Ability App. Alex is still creating this wonderful application which will improve the quality of life for people who are disabled all acrossed the world. Ability App will allow a person with a disability to learn about what businesses are accessible depending on their particular disability. For example a person who is blind would be able to find restaurants that provide braille menus. The app will also show places where a person with a disability could become employed.

Alex got the idea for Ability App after seeing a person in a wheel chair struggle to open a manual door at a store. At just nine years old, Alex went home and started researching how a person with a disability could learn before they leave their home if a particular business would be accessible to their needs.

To learn more about Alex and to watch his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show please visit his web